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Frequently Asked Questions

What can our community of faith expect when we contact UPRC?

After you complete the UPRC Contact Us form, you will hear back from a member of our team who will set up an initial meeting with representatives from your community of faith to gather information about the community of faith and the property. This information will be used to inform recommendations on the best path for your community of faith. These paths include working with the UPRC staff to explore alternate uses of underutilized space and referral to Kindred Works for redevelopment.

What is the difference between UPRC and Kindred Works?

UPRC was established by The United Church of Canada in 2019. The mandate of UPRC is to assist communities of faith make faithful property related decisions and where missionally appropriate and financially viable, develop the property for housing through Kindred Works. Recognizing the need to develop and manage property in perpetuity, Kindred Works was founded in 2022 as UPRC’s development partner.

Our community of faith wants to redevelop its property with Kindred Works, how do I contact them?

Please reach out to UPRC using the Contact Us form. The UPRC team will meet with representatives of your community of faith to gather information about your community of faith and property. This is the starting point for all property related conversations including developing properties with Kindred Works.

Do you only work with United Church communities of faith?

UPRC works with a variety of Ecumenical Partners (Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian) and their communities of faith. Please reach out to us using the Contact Us form.

A property developer reached out to our community of faith asking to redevelop or buy our property. How does our community of faith decide what to do?

UPRC assists congregations to make faithful property related decisions. UPRC will review the contract from the developer and provide advice to ensure that the needs of the community of faith are protected. If the agreement includes the sale of the property, UPRC will work with the Region, community of faith, and denomination to ensure that the sale follows best practices and is sold for fair market value.

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