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Property Support

Digital artwork of six hands reaching out to each other, implying them being a team. Each hand/arm is unique with different accessories and sleeves.
We engage communities of faith in important conversations about property and ask questions such as:
  • How can this property continue to serve our community in new ways?
  • How can this property be financially self-sustaining?
  • How can our community of faith make faithful property decisions for the next generation?
  • What is the legacy of our community of faith when closing or amalgamating?

For generations, communities of faith have been faithful stewards of property resources. UPRC is here to help communities of faith make faithful property decisions for the next generation.

Once you’ve reached out to UPRC, our staff team will meet with you to gather information about the community of faith and the property. The UPRC team then works closely with Kindred Works and other partners to provide support and resources, identifying unique opportunities for the site.

This may mean connecting you to Kindred Works for development; it may mean working closely with our UPRC staff team to explore other potential uses for the property; or it may mean working with your Regional Council to hold the property within the Regional Trust to serve future ministry.

Potential Redevelopment

If a church property is identified as a potential redevelopment opportunity, the UPRC team coordinates with Kindred Works. Kindred Works engages in a feasibility analysis, providing overview of what might be possible on the site. Kindred Works will review the information with the representatives of the community faith so that they can make decisions about redevelopment that are in the best interests of the church and community.

Kindred Works is the developer and property manager on behalf of UCC, communities of faith, and ecumenical partners.

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